The Wellness Center is the heart of our Wellness Care component that is offered by Inspired Health Group. Located in Suite 213, the Center is the home for Wellness Evaluations, in-person health and wellness coaching and administrative offices.  Inspired Wellness Care is coordinated through our Wellness Center and in the future, will be delivered at a number of locations within the Western New York community.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is multidimensional well-being experienced as one’s highest potential of Mind-Body-Spirit prosperity. Within our primary Mind-Body-Spirit domains of well-being we have identified ten dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, cognitive, relationships, lifestyle, spiritual, environmental, financial, life purpose and beliefs. Each of the wellness dimensions relates to one another to create an individual’s total wellness. To achieve mind-body-spirit prosperity, each dimension needs to be optimized along the way.


Our Wellness Care:

  • is multidimensional care
  • is central to a journey to one’s highest potential of body-mind-spirit prosperity
  • is an individual, conscious, active & evolving undertaking
  • promotes self efficacy in self care
  • focuses upon not only what we do but what we believe, think and feel
  • builds upon what is already going well with someone
  • optimizes what may not be going well for someone
  • reduces our risk to illnesses and diseases we may be susceptible to
  • helps to improves our overall health
  • integrates with primary health care to result in Total Care


Why Wellness Care?

It has been estimated that 80% of illness and disease in the United States originate from five areas of lifestyle: Stress, Eating, Exercise, Drinking and Smoking.  Inspired Health Group has been caring for our patients with these types of illness and disease for over twenty five years.  This will considerably advance primary and secondary prevention of illness, injury and disease in addition to improving quality of life in any state of health.  Wellness care expands our present caring from a focus on a specific disease, injury or illness to consider and care for the whole person; mind-body-spirit.

Our Wellness Care Offerings

Each of these Wellness Care offerings may be experienced independently or in the integrated context of a Wellness Journey. Our Wellness Care offerings currently include: 

  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Transitional Lifestyle System
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Behavioral Health Counseling
  • Faith Based Dialogue
  • Prayer
  • Meditation Instruction and Practice 
  • Mindfulness and Mindful Living Instruction and Practice 
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Indoor Air Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Yoga Instruction and Practice 
  • Financial and Credit Counseling
  • Nutraceuticals and Herbal Therapy
  • Sleep Interventions
  • Farmers Market
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Talks


Our Wellness Associate Care Providers

Our Wellness Care offerings may be delivered by our team members internal to Inspired Health Group or by an Associate Care Provider.  These providers are committed to upholding Inspired Health Group’s Mission, Vision, Philosophies and standards of Total Care.  Our Associate Care Providers include:

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