Did you ever notice that rainbows appear when you least expect them? Regardless of where we might be when we see a rainbow it seems to automatically lift our spirits & to calm the waters of fear that so often surrounds us.

Most of us know that the rainbow is a refraction of light in drops of water but it sure looks like a blessing up there in the sky doesn’t it?  If we are paying attention at all, it really is difficult to see a rainbow without experiencing at least some measure of peace. There is something very calming, hopeful & healing about the beautiful arc of bright color appearing unexpectedly suspended in the otherwise grey sky.  With the array of colors the rainbow seems to connect heaven with all of earth.

The Rainbow Connection

The Promise of Creation—The Blessing of Re-Creating

At the time of the original Creation of the world, when God created humankind in His own image, giving them free will, God our Holy Creator; “the Eternal Now”, pronounced the goodness & peace of what He brought into being & promised to be a sustaining & trustworthy presence.  His steadfast love for all of life; all people & all living things was relational, unconditional & was promised for all eternity.

As time went on however, humankind forgot that promise or ignored it & went their own way, a way incongruent with God’s intent for His creation. As humankind stepped away from their Creator’s promise & went their own way, the intended peace, goodness & calm of the original creation slipped away, causing fear, destruction & flooding over the earth.

As God surveyed the fear, brokenness & destruction of His original creation, consistent with his promise to live in relationship with His created order & to be a sustaining & trustworthy presence, God the Creator re-created the universe & re-issued  His original promise of blessing, moving from destruction to protection & the promise of life not death. He once again proclaimed that He would be their God & they would be His people for all eternity, proclaiming His renewal of his promise to be a trustworthy presence for all.  As a symbol that the original promise of blessing had been renewed & creation was recreated, God set a rainbow in the sky connecting Heaven to earth.

Trusting God to Calm the Waters of Fear

In re- issuing His promise & re-creating creation, God proved that He is trustworthy. In extending our trust to our Creator God we put an end to our endless cycle of fear & wanting that distracts us & interferes with us living full healthy whole lives.  God has promised to protect us & to live in partnership with us & with that promise comes the opportunity for perfect peace.   I think we’d all agree that we drastically increase our chance of living full healthy lives in mind body & spirit when we are not owned by fear. To put our trust & faith in God is to choose to live a whole life as we were created to be in God’s image.  It is to decide to be that rainbow that reminds others of Gods’ Holy healing given in the connection with our creator.

A rainbow will appears in the sky when we least expect it. May it be to us a reminder of God’s eternal promise to all of his creation; the healing connection that exists between heaven & earth.

~By Rev Kathryn Bindig MDiv. MS; Spiritual Consultant with assistance from Rich Muscatello; Director of Business Development & Strategy

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