Treat Yourself Tuesdays:

Popcorns not just for movie night, it can be a great snack for whenever. However the prepackaged popcorn can be over loaded with butter and salt and a whole lot of unwanted fats. So if you’re looking for some crunch to snack on (with not guilt) look no further then this simple microwave popcorn.


Brown bag popcorn

What you’ll need:

¼ Cup of popcorn kernels

1 Brown paper bag (The kind you take for lunch)

Any toppings you desire


Prep time: 2 min, Cook time: (popcorn button on the microwave) or 2.5 minutes

Open your brown paper bag and fill with your popcorn kernels, this should cover the entire bottom of the bag. (Don’t worry if this does not look like a lot, it makes more than you think.)

Fold the top of the bag over 2 or 3 times so everything is sealed in. Place bag on its side in the microwave and hit the popcorn button.

While you’re waiting for your popcorn, you can get your toppings ready. I take a small pan and over the stove melt a little butter. If you’re entertaining or just looking to switch it up try melting some white chocolate and adding some dried cranberries!

When your popcorns done place into a bowl and add your toppings and enjoy!

Recipe by:

Olivia Viapiano


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