Halloween is upon us! Dietitian Nutritionist, Nicole Moretta, shares some tips on how to find balance and treat yourself to a less stressful Halloween without missing out on all the pumpkin-ness.

Treat Yourself to a Less Stressful Halloween

We all know Halloween is October 31st and when it lands on a weekday there can be some added stress.  Between school and work the day can feel shortened so –

  • Tip #1. Allow yourself some time in advance to plan and shop for something healthy.  Slow cooker meals, like chili or honey garlic chicken over rice with veggies could be a nice hearty option to eat prior to heading out for Trick-or-Treating.  Having a veggie tray, either homemade or store bought, is a healthy addition to the holiday spread.  Having a balanced meal that includes protein, veggies and some carbs can be filling and can reduce the urge to splurge.
  • Tip #2. Reduce the sugary option that are left out on the table.  Research shows that when options increase so does intake.  So put candy out in a small bowl and limit the options.
  • Tip #3. Pick your battles – If you plan to have some sugary treats pick and choose your favorite.  Don’t eat the gummy candy if you don’t like it but are just eating it because it’s there.  But if you LOVE a chocolate covered caramel cookie then eat it, enjoy it, and move on. 

Fall Flavor Recipes:

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