Help your school by submitting a school meal application! Applying for free or reduced-price meals helps your school get more funding and may make you eligible for free school meals and other benefits in the future, like discounts and fee waivers.

Free and Reduced School Meal Applicaiton

School Breakfast and Lunch Programs

The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs are federal programs providing free, reduced or full priced breakfast and lunch at participating schools throughout New York State. In New York State the New York State Department of Education administers these programs, and local schools operate the programs. The meals are the same for all children regardless of payment category, and schools are not permitted to identify students who get free or reduced-price meals.

Submit your Application

Why submit a free or reduced school meal application? It’s a win-win for schools & families. School meal applications help provide essential funding for your school. For families they can get free school breakfast and lunch and also help reduce costs for utilities, internet access, college application and admissions tests, and school fees for instruments, books, athletics, and more.

Even if  school meals are free for all in your school district, it is still important to submit a household income form. It’s quick and confidential. Don’t delay – fill out an application today!


Fill out an Application:

Contact your school for more specific information on how to apply.  Applications can sometimes be found on a school's website.  Participating school districts also allow parents to fill out applications online using MySchool Apps. 

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