Inspired Health Group Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nicole Moretta, offers tips on how to come up with an action plan for eating healthier to fit your lifestyle.

What's your Nutrition Action Plan?

What’s your Action Plan? Making an action plan might sound like an overwhelming task but check out these tips to help you come up with a plan that will work for YOU! The best plan is an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle.


Try creating your action plan with these tips:


What’s your goal?

  • This might change throughout your process but you should have a reason why you are interested in making changes.


Keep it REAL-istic

  • Push yourself a little outside your comfort zone but still keep it realistic. Things should feel a little different but this should not be a “painful” process. Embrace the positive side of these changes. Are you making these changes so you can move around more easily or to lower some abnormal lab values…? All positive things so keep that in mind.

Be specific

  • Add some details to your plan, like:
  • No: I will eat healthy food.
  • Yes: I will add a fruit to my breakfast and an extra vegetable to my lunch 5 days a week.


Be flexible

  • Not all actions should be considered an “All or Nothing” change. Keep in mind that we are making changes that will last forever and we can’t expect that process to be perfect. An example might be eating that fruit and extra veggies 3 days a week instead of 5 days, and that’s OK. Try to figure out why that happened and pick up the pieces next week. This is still progress and that is ALWAYS the goal of making changes…Progress not Perfection.

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Nicole Moretta, MS, RD, CDN

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